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Nail Services

Pedicure Services

All pedicures include nail and cuticle maintenance, callus treatment and polish

Sweet Indulgent Chocolate Pedicure
Chocolate Lovers will swoon over this chocolate infused pedicure 
60 minutes    $55

Illuminating Pedicure with Paraffin Wax Dip 60 minutes      $55  

Your feet will have a silky glow after the citrus illuminating mask. Warm towels wrap the feet then a jewel Shea butter is massaged into the skin, then sealed with a paraffin wax dip.

Hot Stone Pedicure 60 minutes   $55

All muscle aches and pains are melted away when the warm stones are massaged up calves and feet then wrapped in warm towels.

Spa Pedicure 45 minutes       $45  

This pedicure  revitalizes your feet when natural crystals exfoliate the legs and feet. Recieve a thorough callus treatment followed by a cool spearmint mask.

Man's Pedicure 40 minutes   $40

This pedicure removes ruff, dead skin and maintains the nails. The feet will be cooled with the menthol mask and a relaxing massage makes the feet feel like new.

Princess Pedicure     $25

For girls 10 and under

Polish Change to Feet         $8 

Pedicure Add On Services

Add paraffin to the feet   $10

Add french polish to feet $5

Add Nail Art to feet $5 and up

Manicure Services

All manicures include nail and cuticle maintenance hand massage and polish

Skin Nourishing Manicure 45 minutes $35

The hands are gently exfoliated with a crystal sugar scrub then massage with a citrus smoothing cream and dipped in warm paraffin to lock in the moisture for days. A must for dry and sensitive skin.

Shellac Manicure/French Shellac    $35/$40

A 12 to 14 day wear, gel polish that must be soaked off with acetone polish remover

Basic Manicure/French Manicure    $22/$27

“Man”icure $20

Princess Manicure   $15

For girls 10 and under

Manicure Add On Services

Add paraffin to the hands        $5

Add Nail Art to the hands        $5 and up